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Verizon Rebate Form Leaks Samsung Continuum, Motorola Citrus, and a Couple of Droid 2's

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Verizon Wireless is gearing up for the holidays by launching several new phones sometime in November, for the most part. Engadget received a rebate form which outlines several new phones and the amount by which Verizon plans to subsidize each phone. It is already known that Verizon plans to launch a global edition of the Droid 2, but interestingly enough, the rebate form has listed two different SKUs. Of course, this may turn out to be nothing, but it does give credence to the possibility of a global Droid 2 without a camera, or the Droid 2 coming in two different colors. Next, it announces the Samsung Continuum with a rebate of $100, and since Samsung is planning an event for November 8, we could see the launch of the Continuum. The Motorola Citrus is featured in the rebate list with a $100 rebate, as is the Samsung Zeal (possibly a mediocre Android device) with a $50 rebate. There are also several other non-Android devices, such as the BlackBerry 9650, but I’m interested to see what November brings in terms of Android devices.