Verizon To Roll Out Adobe Flash 10.1 Update for Droid Starting Tomorrow

For all our readers who own the original Motorola Droid: Verizon is expected to roll out the second part of the Froyo update which will bring Adobe Flash 10.1 support to your device. The much coveted update allows users to download Adobe Flash Player 10.1 from the Android Market and it brings minor security improvements, but obviously the big news here is the addition of Flash. Verizon was reportedly going to begin the Flash roll out starting August 18, but the day came and left without any reports of Flash hitting the Motorola Droid. Six long days later and it looks like we are finally going to receive the promised Flash support Droid owners have waited a while for. If you take a look at the above image you can see Verizon’s software update page outlining the details of the FRG22D update. Below, you can see the leaked screen shot from Verizon’s internal system which clearly indicates the roll out to begin tomorrow. Be sure to let us know when your Droid receives Flash!

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