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Verizon Will Reportedly be the First to Offer the Galaxy S II in the U.S

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Even though much of the recent Galaxy S II rumors and leaks are centered upon the AT&T version, there is a chance Verizon Wireless will be the first American carrier to launch the iconic Galaxy S II smartphone.  According to Paul Mueller, a leading industry analyst from Los Angeles, Verizon Wireless could launch the smartphone as early as August 12. His reasoning is that Samsung wants go to head-to-head with the upcoming iPhone 5 and launching the Galaxy S II first with Verizon allows Samsung to do just that.  Mueller admits to not being 100% confident about the launch date, but firmly believes it will launch first on Verizon “and then the rest of the carriers within a month.”
It will be interesting to see if Mueller is correct and that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S II on Verizon before all other carriers.  Samsung already stated the smartphone will launch in August, so there is some support to the August 12th date.