Poker is a game that involves a lot of skill and luck, and it’s also a game most of us have played at some point and time. It got a huge resurgence when the WSOP starting airing on TV several years back, and now there are a slew of poker apps in the Android market as well. One of the newest Poker apps is called Winner Poker and it was just released today by Viaden Gaming. Winner Poker takes a social approach to the game and gives you two poker games to enjoy with Texas Hold’em and Omaha High; both are “poker” but Omaha can be pretty tough (but a lot of fun) if you’re not familiar with that game.  Socializing is a major part of the game and Winning Poker lets you old friends as well as new ones to come and play at your table. You can give gifts (beverages) to your poker buddies and send messages to your pals in public or private chat. There are over 150 achievements to unlock as you play which is great as normally the only achievement you get by playing Poker is winning a hand or occasionally outrunning a flush draw on the river.


While I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and dig into Winning Poker, so far I like what I see. It’s very easy to use and laid out to where even novice poker players should have no trouble; the social features are always nice to have in a game like this as well. If you’re into poker, you should head on over to the market and check out Viaden’s Winning Poker for free.

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