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Viber Android App Lets You Make Free Calls and Send Messages

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Available in beta for the past several months now, Viber Android app has just been released for public consumption and is now available on the Android Market as a free download. The app which was released earlier for the iPhone allows you to make free calls and send SMS messages to practically anyone, anywhere in the world. The only requirement is of course both you and your contacts have the Viber app installed on your Android phones. Viber calls are made and SMS messages are sent through 3G or Wi-Fi. Voice calls are said to be of high quality, even better than a regular call as claimed by the app developer. Perhaps what makes Viber Android app different from other apps offering similar services is the fact that it’s so easy to use. You can start calling your friends or family or send them SMS messages right after you’ve installed the app. This also means that you don’t have to create any account or add contacts to communicate with them. The app uses your contacts phone number, so you can instantly call or send text messages to their phone numbers and if they the app installed they could immediately respond to you. Viber boasts of more than 20 million users. Hope that most of your friends have the app on their Android phones. If not, you better start convincing them to get Viber Android app from the Android Market. To find out how the app works, watch the video demo embedded below.