Virgin Mobile and SCVNGR, a location-based Android app have teamed to give customers the chance to immediately try out the app as soon as they get their Virgin Mobile Android phones. Under the said deal, Android phones which are on no-contract status from Virgin Mobile USA will be released with the SCVNGR app. To kick off this deal, Virgin Mobile is offering the new LG Optimus V which is available now from Virgin Mobile retails stores. In case you haven’t encountered SCVNGR app yet, it’s actually an nice Android game about going places, completing challenges, earning points and unlocking rewards. Playing the game is simple, just go places, share it with your friends, check-in, interact with your friends complete customer challenges, take photos, do social check-in or try a challenge. The app gives you points and lets you unlock rewards everywhere you go. There’s currently more than 12,000 locations where you can check-in via the SCVNGR app. So, if you’re planning to get a new Android phone from Virgin Mobile, you might want to try checking out phones with the SCVNGR app preloaded to them. via [Market Wire]

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