Visit Hoth in the New Angry Birds Star Wars Update

A few weeks back Rovio introduced Angry Birds Star Wars to the world, and now they’re back with a Hoth themed update. New levels are included, but you’re also going to get a new power as well…angry birds star wars hoth update The Angry Bird Star Wars Hoth update brings gamers 20 icy new level set on the cold and deadly world of Hoth. You’ll go up against ice covered AT-AT’s and more piggy storm troopers than you can shake a stick at. As mentioned one lucky bird gets a new power and that bird is none other than Princess Leia. The pink Leia bird is the sassiest of the bunch already, but now she’s a real world shaker… literally. Princess Leia may not have been a Jedi Master in the flicks, but she uses the force for some deadly destruction in Angry Birds Star Wars. I usually don’t cover game or app updates unless it’s a big one, but Angry Birds Star Wars is an entity unto itself. The Hoth update is a blast and an awesome addition to the game; I have no doubt we’ll see more Star Wars themed levels in the future… just no Jar Jar please. If you’ve already purchased Angry Birds Star Wars just hit the update button, and if you don’t own it already go get it now.

Angry Birds Star Wars

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