AMA put out some of our favorite Android games last year, and it looks like we’re going to add another one to the list. Hills of Glory 3D was just announced as coming next month and if you played the original version you already know you’re in for a lot of fun. The original Hills of Glory was released in late 2011 and it let you take on the Nazi’s in some intense WWII action. The game was solid and the way you went about using gestures to destroy your enemies was a lot of fun. Little information has been released about Hills of Glory 3D, but as you can see from the screenshot it looks like a revamped, amped up version of the original which isn’t a bad thing at all. Right now all we know is that Hills of Glory 3D is due out next month and that you’ll be battling it out across Europe from the Mediterranean to Germany. We’ll update you when we know more, until then enjoy this trailer courtesy of AMA and Mando Productions.

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