Watch: MSNBC Asks for Facebook Shutdown to Stop Fake News

MSNBC is taking the crazy leftist rhetoric at the next level, as a host recently asked for a complete Facebook shutdown in order to stop so-called fake news. Basically, tens of millions of Facebook users should find another “hobby”, just to make MSNBC happy. This is hilarious:


“Brian….you could shut down Facebook.”
She sounds so scripted. This isn’t a news report. It’s a commercial for their anti free speech vision of the future.

There is not one real person who cares at all about elimination of “fake news”. People get harassed by scammers and spammers and would be elated to rid themselves of that plague. The media outlets obviously don’t care about customer service, so it must be their own push to eliminate the competition; and “fake news” is just a cover story.

They cannot “whack-a-mole” fast enough to keep out the truth unless they pull the plug completely on the internet. I expect that to be a final act of desperation when they finally figure out they cannot win.

They truth is, the legacy media doesn’t like having competition. The funny part is that if they were fair and actually reported the news, there would be no need for alternate news sources like Breitbart, Infowars et al. The fake news MSM is why people created alternative news sites, and they still have not learned…

Facebook and Twitter will ultimately go down when high profile people make the jump to a decentralized/uncontrolled/uncensored version. Just wait and see.

I have a much better idea: shut down MSNBC, and, why not,  CNN, while you’re at it.

I love how someone decides to start a news network, and the news network then thinks it has a right to exist for eternity just because they are “mainstream news”, also known as legacy media.

Can anyone think of another for-profit multinational corporation that enjoys the same protection of those for-profit companies that call themselves news?

It seems the idea that Facebook somehow helped Trump get elected has turned into more left-wing derangement and, just like we would expect from our radical left-wing playmates, they feel obligated to destroyed it for #1) so that Trump can’t use it again and #2) as punishment for Zuckerberg and a warning to other businesses who might be considering assisting (willing or unwilling) Trump for any reason.

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