Web Prancer releases Garfield Coins for Android

If you’re a fan of Coin Dozer and Garfield today’s your lucky day. Web Prancer has just released Garfield Coins for Android so now you can doze coins with everyone’s favorite fat cat. If you’ve never played a coin pushing game here’s the skinny. You drop coins onto a sliding platform that pushes those coins off onto a larger platform when it slides back. Those coins push the coins into the hopper, rinse and repeat. Simple stuff, but insanely addictive as anyone knows that’s played the money sucking game at a gas station or far. Garfield Coins takes that concept and puts a feline spin on things as the game is full of Garfield graphics and gear. There are missions, unlockable costumes, mini-games to play and stamps to collect. As with all coins pushing games, your play time is limited to so many free coins per hour but you’re able to buy more via the IAP setup if don’t like to wait. Garfield Coins is a nice little time waster that fans of Garfield should enjoy. I only gave it the briefest of plays, but it was solid and plays just like every other coin pushing game.  If you’re ready to push some coins you can pick up Web Prancer’s Garfield Coins for free on Google Play.

Garfield Coins

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