Weddar Android App Gives a Human Touch to Weather Updates

Previously released in the App Store for iOS devices, Weddar mobile weather app is now finally available for Android. The app has received tons of downloads from the App Store so it will be interesting to find out whether it would get the same amount of downloads from Android smartphone users. Well, it will depend on how good the app really is in providing weather updates, right? One thing to note also is the fact that there are already dozens of weather apps for Android, so it would be a tough act for Weddar Android app to penetrated that already saturated weather app market for Android. The good news is that Weddar Android app has something unique to offer. As you can see, unlike other weather apps, Weddar provides weather updates from real people. How does real people telling you how the weather is sounds to you? For instance, instead of the usual – “New York, 93º f, 73% humidity,” the app will instead tell you that the weather “feels perfect.” Or something like “feels good but windy.” Sounds good, right? Or should I say, sounds more personal. It’s just like having your friend advising you of how good the weather is right now. Another notable feature of Weddar Android app is that it allows you to contribute location-based weather reports from your current location. You can do so easily by simply selecting color-coordinate clouds signifying the weather in your current location. The app has other more nice features. Go check it out from the Android Market as it is now available as a free download.  

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