I’ve come across my share of crazy Android games over the past few years, and Chlory: The Ocean Guard from PAPAYA apps is definitely going onto the crazy list. At first glance the game seems normal enough, but once you dig into it you quickly find out how quirky this little game is. Chlory is a single cell Chlorella who’s an “ocean guard” that’s intent on keeping his aquatic home free. The little Chlorella is armed with chlorophyll, and you’ll have to use that weapon to take down the likes of Greasy, Nuke, Angry, and PeePee. Yup… good old PeePee comes into play and at first I thought it was just a funny inside joke kind of thing until I read… “Yellow PeePee: The first contaminator from pee of a little boy Dennis at the beach near Yellow Sea. Likes polluting from the nearest spot.” That’s straight from the market description folks, and you’ve also got another one called “Red Angry” who’s a glutton and “brutal & violent”. Why is he this way? From eating the forbidden fed fruit of course. A few of the other contaminators make sense like Nuke and Oil Greasy, but overall it’s just a tad bit bizarre although I love the nonsensical broken English in the market description.


Chlory is a weird Android game for many reasons. It’s obvious by the graphics and overall look of the game that a lot of time went into it, but it’s like they spent their whole budget on graphics and then hired an insane person, a child, and possibly a few monkeys to finish things out. There are no real clear cut instructions on how to play the game which adds to the mess as all we really know is that Chlory wants to clean up PeePee, Nuke, and Oily Greasy while Red Angry is a brutal, violent, glutton.  If you feel like being confused for awhile head on over to Google Play and pick up Chlory: The Ocean Guard for free.

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