Weird App of the Week – Cotton Candy Cooking Game


We’re all about weird and quirky Android games here at, and I see a lot of bizarre stuff out there every week. We thought it was about time to do a regular column of sorts, and are proud to present our first choice for Weird App of the Week with the Cotton Candy Cooking Game from Weird name for a developers group, and an even more bizarre game, unless you like your cotton candy with teeth and eyeballs that is… The Cotton Candy Cooking Game does what it says… it lets you cook up some cotton candy from your phone. You basically pick a color and a straw then dip them into the machine to form a cotton candy ball. Then things get interesting as you get to “decorate” your cotton candy and we’re using the term decorating loosely. You can use sale or ketchup on your new creation (not sure why) and you can also throw some small nuts, cherries or sprinkles onto it. I know that doesn’t sound that strange, but when you start adding eyeballs, mustaches, bowler hats, and vampire teeth to your candy it gets a little bizarre. Especially considering you can’t really rotate things which means it’s going to come out looking a bit like the Quizno’s Spongemonkey. Oh yeah, you can eat it all up when your done or send it to a friend if you want to scare someone half to death.


The Cotton Candy Cooking Game isn’t the strangest game you’ll ever play, but it is odd and really serves no purpose that I can see. There aren’t enough decorations to really impress you, and you’re limited in what you can do with them. That being said, I’m sure that somewhere there’s a kid (or demented adult) that’s always dreamed of putting teeth or eyes onto their cotton candy. If you’re that individual you can die happy now as you’re dreams have just come true with the Cotton Candy Cooking Game. The Cotton Candy Cooking Game  

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