Weird Game of the Week – HellyBelly from Mobidix Games

Hellybelly for Android This week’s selection for Weird Game of the Week goes to a little game called HellyBelly from Mobidix Games. It’s not about helicopters, but it does involve a man named Mr. Poo and his upset Belly. HellyBelly is the tale of Mr. Poo, a man that really needs to go to the bathroom. Your job is to get him to the can safely while avoiding obstacles and pedestrians. Controlling the hero of the game is easy as you get a virtual joystick and there are no real buttons to mash aside from the run button. As you speed along towards the porcelain bowl you’ll want to collect any coins you come across along with toilet paper as it kind of defeats the purpose if you make it to the toilet without some hockey tickets. If you do hit somebody or something you can rub a “tummy” button to recover and continue along your merry way. I’m unsure of how many levels the full version of the game has, but there is a shop with several unlockable characters and power-ups available. I don’t believe I have to explain why HellyBelly was selected as the winner of the weirdness contest this week. Thing is there’s a good looking game wrapped up in that bizarre premise, and it’s kinda’ fun. HellyBelly may not win game of the year honors, but it is good for a laugh and some quick fun. There’s a free version of the game that gives you 12 stages to try out and if you like what you see the full “Official” version of Helly Belly can be yours for only $0.99. Mobidix Games

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