Yakiniku.Paradise-AndroidHamon has is no stranger to quirky Android games, and one of their latest oddball games goes by the name of Yakiniku Paradice. It’s a game about grilled meat and your ability to flip it as fast as you possibly can.Screenshot_2013-04-27-16-14-26 Yakiniku Paradice uses Twitch Gameplay to test your reflexes as you’ll have to flip pieces of Yakiniku as quickly as possible. It may not sound all that odd, but the insane music blaring in the background coupled with the grilled meat faces will change your opinion after only a few minutes.  As soon as a game starts, pieces of happy meat hit the grill. You flip them in the proper direction the arrow is pointing; the good meat basically goes to the face on the left while the bad or burned meat goes to the face on the right. Sometimes meat “dies” on the grill and then vanishes after a bit. Screenshot_2013-04-27-16-21-24There’s also a timer of sorts, and things you do in the game affect it… this is another mystery of the game I’ve yet to totally figure out. In the extras department, Yakiniku Paradice has a nifty “meat collection” that lets you collect 12 different kinds of meat. I have no idea what purpose it serves, but it’s oddly addictive as I truly want to see what expression the next cutlet has. Making a strange game is easy, but making a weird game fun is not. Hamon managed to somehow do that with Yakiniku Paradice which is quite the feat considering there’s not much to the game.  It’s odd, but charming nonetheless and good for some quick fun even if you’re a vegetarian. You can pick up Hamon’s Yakiniku Paradise for free on Google Play.

Yakiniku Paradice

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