Westworld Mobile Game for Android Released Today!

Westworld Mobile Game for Android was released a day earlier, i.e. today, Thursday, June 21st, courtesy of Warner Bros. Games, and the good news for gamers is that you can already download and play it from Google Play Store. The beta version of  Westworld Mobile Game was released out in the wild a couple of months earlier, back in March, but this week marks the official launching of Westworld Mobile Game’s final version.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Westworld Mobile Game for Android is developed by a Canadian company, however strange it may sound, Montreal’s Behaviour Interactive respectively, and the game play is pretty straight forward: you’ll be a Delos trainee in charge of a Westworld park simulation. Your mission is to build/develop the park and make your human guests happy by hooking them up with the “proper” android hosts (also known as human looking androids), or something along these lines.

As you can see from the trailer, Westworld looks pretty similar to the hugely popular Fallout Shelter. Your main goal would be to constantly upgrade the human looking droid hosts, in order to render them “more human than human”, while keeping humans safe from harm. The thing is, the hosts may very well inflict damage upon their “fellow humans” if not monitored closely.

If you’re already bursting with excitement, you can download Westworld Mobile Game for Android by clicking  here.

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