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Apple’s WWDC will be upon us in a few hours, and Apple hopes to reignite a stale iOS, after it has fallen behind Android in recent times. Join us as we take a look at all the reasons why Android is king of the mobile operating system world.

Disclaimer: I do not absolutely, positively hate iOS. I think it’s a decent operating system, but I believe Android has surpassed iOS in terms of functionality and user experience. I own a 4th gen iPod Touch and a third generation iPad, and both devices are running the latest version of iOS 6.

Sharing and Near Field Communications

No matter how revolutionary iOS 7 can be, it can’t add technology which just isn’t there. A noticeable omission from the iPhone 5 was NFC, and while the technology hasn’t reached its full potential yet, it is still a valuable piece of technology.

NFC has many uses, it can be used as a portable wallet, allowing you to pay with a single tap of your smartphone. There are also stickers which you can buy that can toggle settings or complete a number of actions. Another feature is sharing with a single tap. This feature allows you to quickly share files between devices, it can allow businessmen to share their business cards from phone to phone and also allows friends to quickly share their favorite pics.

Android also defeats iOS when it comes to sharing between other apps on the phone. For example, sharing a photo from the gallery application on iOS gives you the meager options to share to Facebook, Twitter or send it as an email. Android on the other hand allows you to share to a multitude of applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, any social network app you have, and many other applications.

Default applications – I’m looking at you Apple Maps

When you are sent a link for directions, iOS will direct you straight to Apple Maps even if you prefer Google Maps or another maps application. Android on the other hand, allows you to choose your favourite app to open a link.

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Another feature where Android has the upper hand is keyboards. There are many keyboards in the Play Store, including favorites like Swiftkey and Swype, whereas Apple’s iOS only offers the standard iOS keyboard. These keyboards offer personalized auto-correct and adapt to your typing, giving you a much improved typing experience on a touch screen.

Multitasking and multi-user support

We aren’t going to get into too much depth on multitasking here, but it is a well known fact that Android has far superior multitasking capabilities than iOS. To put it in the most simplest terms Android offers multitasking which is akin to a desktop operating system, while iOS simply pauses an application when you leave it, putting it in a sort of suspended state.

While Android allows you to have more than one applications open at a time (Samsung’s Multiview feature comes to mind), Apple is …read more

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