What are some of the best designed Android apps? Google answers

best design apps android

Android apps have come a long way. In the early days of the Android Market, many criticized the look and feel of the average Android app, especially when it came to design. Things have changed for the better since then, and Apple’s App Store no longer has a monopoly on beautifully designed, well-thought applications.

But Google wants even more great looking apps to delight and surprise Android users. To promote the best practices in designing applications, the Android design team put together a collection of 11 beautiful apps that app developers can look at for inspiration.

The 11 apps in the collection are the following:

  • Pattrn
  • Pocket
  • Timer
  • Eye in Sky Weather
  • NY Times
  • Grand St.
  • Pinterest
  • Press
  • Expedia
  • Flipboard
  • TED

What makes these apps special? According to Google, it’s:

Attention to detail makes an app truly beautiful: transitions are fast and clear, layout and typography are crisp and meaningful, and design touches that delight you in surprising ways are sprinkled throughout

Even if you’re not interested in Android app design and development, you should still check out the collection, which includes some of the best apps that the Play Store has to offer.

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Via: Android Authority

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