Where’s My Mickey? brings Mickey Mouse to Android

wheres.my.mickey-androidDisney got everyone’s attention with their first mobile hit Where’s My Water?, and inwheres.my.mickey-1 true Disney fashion, they’ve spun it into a franchise of sorts. Where’s My Mickey? Is the latest from the House of Mouse, and it’s a delight for Disney fans young and old.

The previous “Where’s My?” games all took place underground, but Where’s My Mickey? brings things to the surface where you’ll have to deal with puzzling new elements like clouds, wind, and rain. The basics are still the same, and the puzzles are still water-based, but there are lots of new twists to go along with a slew of new levels. You’ll also notice Mickey Mouse has received a bit of a facelift to coincide with the Disney’s new series of Mickey Mouse Cartoons. It’s a little startling at first, but you get used to it and will have some laughs at Mickey and the Gang’s animated escapes throughout the game. Where’s My Water? is an awesome puzzler, and I’m pleased to say that the House of Mouse has managed to expand wheres.my.mickey-2their Water? franchise successfully with Where’s My Mickey? The new gameplay elements freshen things up, and it’s a great way to reintroduce Mickey Mouse to kids that have grown up on today’s modern cartoons. There are a couple of versions of Where’s My Mickey? available as well – the regular version gives you 100+ levels for $0.99 while the XL version throws in 20 extra levels for tablets for an extra buck. Both versions give you access to six Goofy-themed levels with more available through an in-app purchase. Both versions of Disney’s Where’s My Mickey? are available to download on Google Play.

Where’s My Mickey?

Where’s My Mickey? XL

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