Which Are The Greediest Android Apps?


Well, if you stumbled upon this article, you were/are probably annoyed by those greedy Android apps which are draining your smartphone’s battery, right?

Well, the good people from AVG took this matter seriously and in their App Performance Report Q1 2015 they unveiled the top 10 Android apps that suck the life out from our beloved droids.


More precisely, these are the apps that require the most storage/data allowance on top of the aforementioned battery life.

Obviously, since everybody knows that “internet is for pr0n”, AVG noticed a serious proliferation of dating/chatting apps, which include, let me quote from their press release: “POF Free Dating, WeChat and ooVoo Video Call”.

These are among the “top-drainers” in terms of battery life and data plan consumption.


Along with dating apps, the weather apps (who would have thought?!) were listed in the top ten “greedy” Android apps (Yahoo Weather, Weather & Clock Widget Android, Weather Channel and the like).


Also, AVG discovered that people spend most of their time online on their smartphone  on Card and Casino games (this explains Las Vegas, right?) and also Arcade games (Solitaire, Zynga Livepoker etc).


Chat apps for Android are still the greediest of the bunch, being hugely resource-hungry and featuring that nasty “auto-running” feature. You all know what I’m talking about: Facebook, Instagram, BBM, Facebook Messenger and stuff like that.


You can download a full-report from AVG Now and until then, just check out “Schindler’s List” of the most power-hungry Android apps, the list of shame if you like:

Autorun                                   User Run

# Name # Name
1 Facebook 1 Spotify Music
2 BBM 2 Amazon Kindle
3 8 Ball Pool 3 LINE: Free Calls & Messages
4 Instagram 4 Samsung WatchON (Video)
5 Messenger 5 Snapchat
6 WeChat 6 Netflix
7 Facebook Pages Manager 7 SoundCloud – Music & Audio
8 ooVoo Video Call Text & Voice 8 Clean Master (Speed Booster)
9 KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text 9 Tumblr
10 Vine 10 PicsArt Photo Studio
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