White HTC EVO 4G Already Available At Best Buy

The HTC EVO 4G in white is supposed to be available starting July 11 in Best Buy. However, it looks like HTC and Best Buy jumped the gun because HTC started shipping the white version earlier and Best Buy decided to sell the phone to lucky customers. It must be a nice feeling to pre-order a phone and have it come five days earlier. Assuming Best Buy can keep enough white phones in stock, you should be able to pick one up at your local Best Buy today. My deepest apologies for those still waiting for a white iPhone 4 as it is still slated for launch in the second half of July. Maybe it’s time to switch to a white HTC EVO 4G if you really want the white casing on your phone. The pricing is the same, $199 on a new two year contract for Sprint customers. Expect Sprint to begin selling the white HTC EVO 4G sometime in early August.

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