white Nexus 4 New photos of a white Nexus 4 surfaced just ahead Google’s I/O conference, this happened after the initial photos were leaked   back in January by an insider. Yesterday, a Philipino guy presented some photos of the device, allegedly bought from an online shop. But today’s pics were good quality snapshots, taken at a Mobile Show in Dubai. The white Nexus 4 was spotted and photographed in a Qualcomm booth. The mentioned Mobile Show is held in Dubai between 14-15 May and Qualcomm is one of its main sponsors. The person who took the pictures, Ahmed Haji, described the white Nexus 4 in a forum posting, let me quote him on that: Hello .. I’m in Dubai for a mobile show and I saw a white Nexus 4 on Quallcomm [sic] booth, and it looks amazing .. The white area around the back glass have some metallic touch and looks great .. Here’s some pictures I took for the device .. These photos taken by my smartphone, I can drop by a DSLR and take better photos tomorrow .. There were many rumors and speculation about a new Nexus 4, now the story gets traction and seems to be real. The Nexus 4 was developed secretly by LG, but both Google and the Korean company avoided any official explanation about the leaked pictures, at least until now. And since tomorrow Google I/O is starting, we will have to wait a little bit more. There are questions to be answered, like, if the white Nexus 4 will have LTE connectivity and 32 GB of internal memory. It was rumored that an updated Nexus 4 will be unveiled at Google’s I/O conference this year. Now, since we have “official” pictures taken in a Qualcomm booth at the Mobile Show in Dubai, and since Qualcomm is one of the big tech players in LTE technology, it seems very plausible that the rumors are true. Source: Google  

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