White Nexus 4 spotted, will be released in June with Android 4.3

white nexus 4 Despite rumors before the actual Google I/O event, Google did not announced anything about both the white Nexus 4 nor Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But this did not stop the rumors from popping out. In fact, the latest of which pertains to a white Nexus 4, which was spotted by Android and Me. Yes, dear folks, it looks like there’s going to be a white iteration of the infamous Nexus 4 smartphone after all. And to add more excitement to this news, the said white Nexus 4 will be ready for release by June 10 2013, and, surprise, surprise – it will be running Android 4.3.¬†Nothing special about this white Nexus 4 except for the fact that, well, yes – it’s going to have a white casing. What we mean is that it’s going to be a carbon copy of the previous Nexus 4. Same thing is true for Android 4.3. We heard that it’s just a minor update with its developer API getting bumped to version 18. This will come with Bluetooth Smart support and OpenGL ES 3.0. Developers would know what those two things can do to the Nexus 4.¬† While this may sound pretty exciting especially for those planning to ge the white Nexus 4, do note that Android 4.3 might be pushed to other Nexus devices as well. So, you might want to hold off a little and wait until this is confirmed. That is if you currently own previous Nexus devices. So there you have it folks. Will you be getting the white Nexus 4 at its affordable price of $299 or are you willing to spend $600 plus for the more powerful Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Share with us your thoughts via the comment below.

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