White Whale Games releases God of Blades for Android

I normally don’t cover things I haven’t played on Android, but we’ve had a slew of releases this week and God of Blades from White Whale Games is an exception. It’s another in a long line of hit iOS games that are slowly making their way to Android, and it’s one of the coolest Indies I’ve ever played… God of Blades puts you in the role of a spectral warrior who has returned from the underworld to take on the evil doom-cult that’s hell bent on destroying his planet. You’ll take out your foes with “phantom blades” forged from the legends of a dying world and the weapons are just as cool as they sound. How many games let you cover your foe in flesh eating worms or flames? Oh yeah…  Words cannot accurately describe just how damned cool God of Blades is, but I’m hoping the screens above and trailer below will do it some justice. It’s not just a simple hack n’ slash game either; the games got depth and it’s difficult to put down once you become engrossed in The Tale of the Nameless King. I was lucky enough to briefly play the game in iOS before it hit Android, and man am I happy it’s finally here. God of Blades is a pulpy romp through the 70s and the world is a much better place for it. If you’re too young to remember party vans with airbrushed warrior queens on the sides you’ll still enjoy the game, and if you do remember those days you’ll be hog heaven. Needless to say, we’ll have a full review of God of Blades sometime this weekend or the first of next week. If you want to give it a go now (you know you do) you can pick up White Whale Games God of Blades for only $0.99 on Google Play.

God of Blades

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