Wikipad, Satisfying the gamer in You

It has been almost three months when the original Wikipad was supposed to release on GameStop. The Wikipad went almost off the grid due to a terrible manufacturing fault which was encountered in the manufacturing process. The flaw was so extreme that the whole production was canceled. It was a sad day for many of the mobile gamers who were waiting for the Gaming tablet. Today we have a report that the Wikipad is being resurrected. The tablet with a attachable gaming controller is back on track as Fraser Townley, the president of sales says, “We’re respawning,” The catch here is that the Wikipad is now a 7 inch device, instead of going forward with the original 10 inch plan. Also a good thing is that the Wikipad is aiming to retail for $249.99, which is almost the half of what the original was intended to go. When asked about the disastrous mechanical problem the 10 inched Wikipad encountered, the president of sales was not too keen to indulge in details. “What was identified has absolutely, totally, 100 percent been ironed out,” he says reassuringly. So by the time the technical team was able to get rid of the horrendous glitch, there was another problem. The screen manufacturer had decided to make the 10 inch LCD display panels which were supposed to go on the Wikipad. So the company decided to go the safer way and make a 7 inch tablet. As the market is slowly drifting in the favor of the 7 inch size, the Wikipad will feel right at home. The company is letting go of its plan to make a 10 inch premium tablet, well at least for now, we will love to see a high grade tablet down the line though. The new Wikipad will come with the same Tegra 3 chip and 1 GB DDR3 RAM which was intended for the 10 inch version. The 7 inch IPS display will also have the very same 1280 x800 resolution, which will obviously look sharper on the small screen size.  Townley says, “I’ve been as open and honest as I can be in this environment… we have to build that trust back up. We could have put the product on the market and failed permanently… or duked it out and succeeded. Given those circumstances, we had no choice. We were not going to put a product on the market that fails mechanically.” We will definitely be waiting for the Wikipad to arrive.

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