Wild Blood now out on Android

Back in September, Gameloft released their all new Unreal technology powered ‘hack and slash’ mobile game – Wild Blood onto iOS devices. The developer has now also just made the game available to Android devices and the Android app is now available to download via Google Play. Wild Blood is an action packed role playing game (RPG) and is based around a story involving the mythical King Arthur and his equally mythical knight Sir Lancelot. The general gist of the story is that Sir Lancelot has been in a romantic tryst with King Arthurs wife Queen Guinevere and when King Arthur finds this out, he looses the plot and with the help of his evil sister Morgana Le Fey (who just happens to be a wicked sorceress) opens up the hellgate and brings demons and hellspawn forward that Sir Lancelot has to battle against to rid the world of evil. To make the story line even more ‘cheesy’ the evil Morgana has also been busy capturing Queen Guinevere and holding her hostage on a magical island that goes by the name of Avalon. The game features a levelling system to encourage players to keep on fighting through the game, along with character development and upgrade possibilities. There will be a plethora of weapons available within Wild Blood including long bows, swords and axes. There is also a multiplayer option to Wild Blood which allows upto 8 players to battle it out in full 3D graphical gore fighting heaven (or hell if you are following the theme of the game). The game seems at first glance to come across as a mix between RPG game Fable and hack and slash game Darksiders. If that is the case and Gameloft has mixed those elements with the superb 3D graphics powered by Unreal technology within the game then Wild Blood should be a joy to play. Gameloft have also released a trailer for Wild Blood showing some of the exciting gameplay and some of the features of the game in action. Wild Blood is available to purchase from Google Play right now at a price of US $6.99 or £4.99 GBP. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw8HExhs3GM&w=560&h=315]

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