Will Hulu Plus Only Be Available On Some Android 2.2 Devices?

Earlier this year, it was announced that Hulu Plus would be making its way to an Android smartphone near you. However, the minimum OS requirement for the streaming video service is Android 2.2, and as far as we know, is only available on cell phones, as opposed to tablets. According to the image above, which was taken directly from the Hulu website, it says Hulu Plus will only be available on “select Android OS 2.2 phones” making us wonder whether or not all Android 2.2 phones will have access to Hulu Plus. After all, there are several mid-range devices with Android 2.2, and other high-end devices with Froyo, so if Hulu decides to make a distinction between these Android 2.2 devices, it is sure to alienate potential customers. It is also worth noting that the image used to represent Android 2.2 is the Google Nexus S, running Android 2.3. Hopefully, Hulu will publish a list of compatible phones shortly, as well as pricing and app launch information.

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