Will RIM Launch BBM On Android Later This Year?

According to an exclusive report by BGR, who is citing “multiple trusted sources,” one of BlackBerry’s most unique feature could be available on Android as an app later this year. The feature to which I am referring to is known as BlackBerry Messenger, which is a messaging service common on all BlackBerry devices, allowing for communication of text, photos, and location. BGR is reporting that RIM is interested in bringing the same service on Android and potentially to iOS. Before Android users jump for joy, it is worth noting RIM will most likely launch a stripped-down version of BBM to the Android Market, because it wants to provide an incentive for smartphone customers to purchase a BlackBerry. No word on pricing or any timeframe for the BBM’s release on the Android Market, but it could launch for free and looks like it will launch later this year. Plans to launch an app on iOS are probable, although that will happen almost definitely after a launch on Android.

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