Will Samsung’s SM-C101 be a Camera sequel or a new Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Camera front zoom flash

I’m sure that until now you’ve heard us on repeated occasions mentioning a rumored Samsung SM-C101 device. Samsung’s upcoming creation is said to have a camera powerful enough to beat even Nokia’s camera phones, a medium size screen with modest resolutions and, most important, phone capabilities.

From how we see it, there are two possibilities for this unconfirmed device. First, we may see Samsung bringing to market yet another Galaxy S4 family member, this time called Zoom. The phone could have an impressive camera but modest specifications all-around. The other road leads to a Galaxy Camera sequel and towards the possibility of establishing a brand line, which may be updated on a yearly basis. But which one will it be?

A Zoom member of the Galaxy S4 family?

It all started with a report stating that the Korean manufacturer plans to release its very first camera phone. Right from the start, sources claimed the phone would pack an optical sensor with 16-megapixel resolution, just like the one found on the current Galaxy Camera model.

A few days later, a Russian website added a 10x optical zoom to the story, which would be quite an improvement compared with existing competitors. For instance, Nokia’s bulky 808 PureView is only capable of 4x zoom at great qualities and it requires a Hubble-like accessory to reach higher standards.

On the other hand, the existing Galaxy Camera is quite a thick device that has a 21x optical zoom. But would offering half of that zooming performance mean that the phone should be rather bulky, as it would be packing a lot of lenses hidden under the hood? Fortunately, the source of the optical zoom rumors also noted the handset to be as thin as the Galaxy S4 Mini, thanks to new technology used by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, another rumored member of the proud family.

As far as specifications go, we have reasons to believe this would be a mid-ranged phone sporting a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU, Android Jelly Bean and 8GB of included storage upgradeable via micro-SD support. The Zoom should come with a sufficient 1900mAh battery, the usual connectivity options but no LTE support. All these sacrifices could have been made to accommodate a more advanced camera sensor on an affordable handset.

Several days after the rumored specs hit the web, a UA profile containing more details about the screen was leaked. Supposedly, the display will render content under a maximum 540 x 960 resolution with the help of a vague ARM11 CPU. Coincidence or not, this is the same resolution offered by the Galaxy S4 Mini which leads us to believe that the Zoom could also come with a 4.3-inch qHD screen and a mere 256 PPI pixel density.

Another confirmation of the Zoom name within the Galaxy S4 family surfaced two days ago on Samsung’s website, on a page detailing a VIP service for the Kazakhstan region. In addition to the Galaxy Note 3 and …read more

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