Update: Will the HTC Droid Incredible Receive Android 2.2 Today?

You may remember five days ago when we reported that the HTC Droid Incredible would receive the coveted Android 2.2 update through the conventional software OTA update. Mashable received tip from Verizon Wireless employees claiming Android 2.2 would be rolled out to HTC Droid Incredible users starting today, August 18. Well we are already more than halfway through the day and we have yet to see any indication the Droid Incredible is being updated to Froyo. Of course, we’ll keep our eyes peeled on this way and scour the interwebs to see if anyone is reporting their Droid Incredible has been updated to Froyo. If you happen to own an HTC Droid Incredible and receive the update, definitely let us know in the comments. We will update you here first should Verizon begin to roll out the update. Update: It looks like Verizon Wireless will not be rolling out the HTC Droid Incredible Android 2.2 update today. According to the VZW Support Twitter account:

We currently do not have information for the Incredible update at this time and is not being sent out today. *AN

This certainly comes as a disappointment for many HTC Droid Incredible users who were hoping for the update today. Hopefully we’ll hear some official confirmation from Verizon or HTC on an exact release date.

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