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WinAmp Media Player App Goes to the Android

by On

Still remember WinAmp, the most popular media player a long time ago? When was the last time you used WinAmp? Honestly, I don’t remember anymore. So, I was kind of delighted to learn that WinAmp Android app has just been outed and is now available from the Android Marketplace. Unless you have a not so good thing about beta releases, you might want to give WinAmp a shot. It works on phones running Android 2.1. And once you’ve install it, you’d be in for a treat as WinAmp  offers  a complete media management solution by syncing with the Winamp desktop library. Of course, as a media player – Winamp runs pretty good. It features high quality playback and persistent player controls. Feature-wise, here are what you should expect from the Winamp Android app.

  • Mobilize Your Library
  • A complete Android media management solution, that seamlessly syncs with your Winamp desktop library (USB or Wi-Fi)
  • Wireless Desktop Sync
  • Persistent Player Controls
  • Now playing
  • Scrobbling

So there. Try out the Winamp Android app beta and let us know what you think.