Wolfram|Alpha Arrives on than Android, Cheaper than the iPhone Version Before

If my memory serves me right Wolfram Alpha was introduced in the App Store for around $10-$20. Right now, it’s only $1.99. Same as the introductory price of the Android app which was released just now. Anyway, Wolfram Alpha for Android packs in the same features as the iPhone version, meaning the same computational knowledge engine that will either interest you or turn you off as too complex for an app. One nice feature of the Android app is the voice-input capability wherein you can get answers from your most difficult question without touching your Android phone – perfect when you are driving or doing something else with your hands. The app also integrates Wolfram|Alpha’s growing repository of curated data with ten trillion data elements and a library of  computational models capable of delivering knowledge quickly and seamlessly. The app covers thousand of domains of knowledge on math, science, engineering, health and nutrition, geography, economics, linguistics, people and history, sports, music, and much more. It’s definitely a good on-the-go resource for getting the facts people want right now and discovering new knowledge based on their queries. The supports Android phones running on Android 1.6 or later. Check it out and share with us how you find the app running on your Android phone. It would be interesting to find out whether the Android version of Wolfram Alpha will be more successful than its cousin in the iPhone.

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