WordPress for Android get’s Updated to 2.1

If you’re a blogger or write for a website (like this one)there’s no doubt that you’re very familiar with the WordPress platform. The WordPress mobile Android app was released to make things easier when you’re blogging on the go, but the initial release left a little to be desired. Well, thanks to a recent update the app now gives users several important features that should streamline things and make posting on the go a whole lot easier.

The newest update brings your WordPress mobile up to version 2.1 and gives you several new important features including…

  • Full editing support for comments
  • Support for setting the width of linked images
  • Autosave timer!!
  • New WordPress reader
  • The ability to share posts to other Android apps
  • Translation updates


As a writer I’ve been using WordPress for close to 3 years now, and personally I was pumped when the official WordPress app came out. Yeah it was a little clunky in areas and definitely needed some tweaks, but it was still nice to see a functioning WordPress app on my tablet. The new update has definitely changed things up a bit, and my favorite new feature is the Autosave one which it should have had all along. The new update looks to be a good one, and if you haven’t tried out the mobile app now’s a good time to start. You can pick up the WordPress for Android app on Google Play for free.

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