Gamers rejoice as an awesome “gooey” physics puzzler is headed to Android this coming Monday. The game in question is a little game called World of Goo from 2D Boy, and unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years I’m sure most of you have heard of it. In case you’re new to the World of Goo, the game revolves around some sleepy little Goo Balls that have awoken and out of curiosity have decided to explore the world build themselves towards mysterious pipes. The game is filled with great cut-scenes and awesome graphics; at its core World of Goo is a physics game with a funky style that’s a PERFECT fit for Android devices. If the Android version stays true to the original version, you’ll get to take the newly awakened Goo Balls across several different chapters as you try and help them find their way through several trippy environments. World of Goo is an award winning game, and it’s a game that a lot of us have wanted to see on Android for while now. The wait is almost over and personally I’ll be thrilled to play it on my Captivate. Rest assured, I’ll be buying this bad boy and will have a large, full review ready as soon as I’m able to tear myself away from the Goo. All gamers should mark Monday on their calendars and prepare themselves to enter the World of Goo; you’ll be able to get it in the market for $4.99 in just 3 days!

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