True Octa Core Processor

Mediatek just made public its latest high end CPU, world’s first True Octa Core Processor / SoC, that’s an eight core  system on chip folks. I know, you may say that’s nothing new, just remember Samsung’s Exynos Octa, does it ring a bell Chris?

Well, the system on chip marketed by Samsung Electronics as being an eight core CPU is actually a hybrid, made of 2 x quad core processors and it never runs full power. Samsung’s eight core implementation actually works by activating 4 cores at a time, never simultaneously.

Enters Mediatek, with its True Octa Core Processor , which offers great performance and enhanced power efficiency, along with a much more pleasant user experience.

With this new baby from Mediatek, you will benefit from real multi tasking, every task is allocated to a different core, as per application, the final result is stunning when it comes to real life experience. Well, at least that’s what they say, the power of marketing should never be underestimated.

True Octa Core Processor

Even when it comes to Internet browsing, the user experience offered by Mediatek’s True Octa Core Processor promises to be a much better, smoother one, since every browser tab is allocated to a different core, and that’s cool especially when you’re using the Chrome/Chromium browser, where every tab is a separate process, a very power-hungry philosophy from Google, if you ask me.

The video frame rate processing is also enhanced by the multi thread programming feature present in Mediatek’s True Octa Core Processor, and that’s great news for gamers, because FPS is everything. The latter applies to HD videos/3d content also, where the new SoC will offer blazing fast speeds and loading times. Mediatek brags about their latest gen CPU that it will be very efficient battery wise, with up to 18% when compared to the old quad core CPUs, especially when it comes to decoding HEVC FHD video; that remains to be seen, of course.

The only bad news folks is that we don’t have  the full specs of the True Octa Core Processor from Mediatek just yet, not even the official launching  date. Stay tuned for more news, as they happen.



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