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Wrigley releases Candy Sports for Android

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We’ve always been taught not to play with our food, but what about candy? Candy Sports is a new Android Game from the folks at Wrigley that makes it fun to play with food and you won’t even have to deal with the mess when you’re done. Candy Sports lets you hit the field and the court as you try and smash homers, kick field goals, and sink buckets.  Skittles baseball lets you swing for the fences; you’ll have to hit 5 homers to advance to the next round and you’ll get 5 levels. Starburst Football lets you kick a pigskin through the uprights, and basketball lets you shoot hoops; all three games have the same hit 5 to advance rule and it looks like you’ll get a total of 5 levels of play through the 3 games. The games all get progressively harder as you go; you’ll start off just trying to shoot or hit it straight, and every round will add new challenges like knocking down targets or moving targets. As for extras there is a trophy case with 14 different achievements to unlock, and the game also gives you two ways to play as you can play to win prizes like the Xbox Kinect or you can just play for fun.


Candy Sports is a fun, colorful game that kids or adults should enjoy. There isn’t much depth, but it is good for a quick play and can be quite challenging in the last few levels.   The physics behind the game could use a little tightening up, but overall it’s a nice effort for a promotional game about Candy. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Wrigley’s Candy Sports for free on Google Play.