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Xoobis releases Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time for Android

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After a slew of Zombie games last year, it’s been a little while since I’ve seen a “Great” Zombie based Android game. Well, we finally got another great one in the form of Zombie Wonderland 2 from Xoobis. After spending all of 20 minutes with the game it’s pretty safe to say you’re gonna’ want to check this one out… So what is Zombie Wonderland 2 about? The game puts you into the role of Chuck a Zombie cleaner from the town of Niceville who’s on a quest to rid the town of the undead. The gameplay is an odd but fun combination of shooting and cleaning as it’s not very sanitary to have zombie guts lying about. You basically tap to shoot and move the cleaning icon up & down to scrub up the mess or send an automated robot out to do it. There will be plenty of messes to clean up too because Zombie Wonderland 2 has 31 missions and 25 different types of zombies to fight. Throw in a small arsenal of weapons and you’ve got a game with plenty of depth that’s a ton of fun.


The original was a blast and Zombie Wonderland part deux is just as fun if not better. I spent the better part of last night playing the game until my battery finally died, and I plan on playing it some more over the weekend. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be a full review of this bad boy up before the end of the weekend; until then I’d highly advise you to head over to the Android market and pick up Zombie Wonderland for free.