Yahoo Releases New Weather App for Android

With several weather apps already available on the Android Market, Yahoo seems to be not worried about them and has joined the party by way of releasing its own Yahoo Weather Android app. The app seems like your typical weather app for Android with of course one distinct feature – it has the Yahoo branding all over. Feature-wise, the Yahoo Weather Android app is pretty packed as well. It gives you instant forecasts combined with beautiful photographs of your location that match current weather conditions and time of the day. Probably like many other Android weather app, Yahoo Weather also gives you instant five day forecasts as well as quick access to detailed weather for the day. The app also lets you view detailed weather information for the day just by simply tilting your Android phone. Other nice features of the Yahoo Weather Android app include

  • the ability to access up to 10 locations via simple swipe
  • weather sharing including photo on Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • the ability to install the Yahoo Weather widget on your phone’s home screen
  • quick access to the Weather Channel for more detailed weather information
  • great selection of photos culled from the Project Weather Group on Flickr
The Yahoo Weather App for Android is available now from the Android Market as a free download. If you’re looking for a new weather app for your Android devices, check this app out, you might like it.


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