For those of you unfamiliar with the company Yandex, they account for 60 percent of search engine web traffic in Russia, making it bigger than Google over there. Yandex aren’t just a search engine though, they are an advertising company, social network and a professional network, as well as being an e-commerce payment system and more. Now they are about to launch their own Android app store to rival Google’s Play Store. While an alternative to the Google Play Store isn’t unheard of, we already have the Amazon app store and a few others but, with Yandex being so popular in Russia, their own app store is likely to come out on top above Google’s native app store in Russia. Yandex are expected to release ‘Yandex.Store’ sometime this month and at launch it will carry around 40,000 Android apps and games. The ‘Yandex.Store’ will work in the same way as other established app markets. For paid apps, 70 percent of revenue will be going to the developers behind the game, with the remaining 30 percent being claimed by Yandex. What is unknown however is whether purchasing through Yandex will be cheaper for paid apps than Google or more expensive. There are several instances on the Amazon app store for example, where some apps are slightly less than on the Google Play Store, while some apps on the other hand, cost a bit more.  Payments through the ‘Yandex.Store’ can be made via credit cards, e-money or mobile billing.  

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