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Yotaphone – The Two Faced Smartphone

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yodaphone android We certainly have seen our fair share of phones with two displays, yet the Yotaphone has something unique going on for it. For one the device is running on Android operating system. Secondly the main screen is an LCD one and the secondary is an e-inked display. You might be wondering about the manufacturer of this wonderful sounding device, well it’s a Russian company called Yota. This company is a spinoff of the official telecommunication company in Russia. The company also holds the very first Wimax 4G cellular network and is the market leader in LTE technology. This phone is said to be packing some real heat between the two displays. The colored display (the main one) is a 4.3 inch LCD JDI one which supports a HD resolution of 1280×720. The e-ink is also of the same size. The CPU is Qualcomm made Snapdragon dual core which runs at 1.5 GHz. The device comes with either 32 or 64GB internal storage with no microSD slots for expansions. The battery is of 2100 mAh which is a little worrisome. There is a 12MP rear facing camera with a HD front one. LTE is also included along with usual goodies like Wifi and NFC. The device only weighs 140 grams despite having two large screens. The smartphone will come running Android 4.2. The company is hoping to release this device in their motherland by Q3 2013. But the company is also in the talks with carriers in both Europe and America. The device certainly has a unique charm of its own. Yet there are no official release dates or price ranges given by the company. We will certainly keep an eye out for this one.