YoYo Games drops Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search for Android

YoYo Games has cranked out some killer Android games over the past year, and they just dropped 2 new ones form their “simply” line called Simply Minesweeper and Simply Word Search. Both games are considered classics, but YoYo has put their own spin on them and made them refreshing for the gamers of today. Word Search We’ll kick things off by taking   a quick look at my personal favorite Simply Word Search. This is your classic “find the word on a grid” game that has you looking for words on a jumbled up grid of letters. Simply Word Search comes with 8 board sizes (5 tablet, 3 phone), 2 modes of play, and stunning HD graphics. You also get 48 different categories to choose from ranging from Animals and Cars to Insects, and Pirates. While there aren’t any Insect Pirates (new game idea!!) there are plenty of categories to keep everyone busy. The game is also family friendly so you don’t have to worry about your children learning words they shouldn’t from a game… they can still learn those on their own at school.

Simply Minesweeper Simply Minesweeper is a stylized version of the classic Minesweeper game that everyone’s played at some point in time. The new version comes with 8 levels that range in difficulty from Easy to Nuclear, has 30 achievements to unlock, and 8 leaderboards to climb. Simply Minesweeper lets you create your own custom games as well, so there’s plenty to keep newcomers and old pros busy for quite some time. I didn’t check this one out myself as Minesweeper and I had a falling out years ago when I got fired for playing it at work… we aren’t on speaking terms anymore, but I’m sure others will enjoy the game. Verdict YoYo’s two new games aren’t quite what I expected from the team, but it’s nice to see something different and simple from the same guys that brought us outstanding games like They Need to Be Fed and Karoshi. Both new games are very well done, and are a refreshing change from the old versions of the games. If you’d like to give them a go, you can pick up Simply Word Search & Simply Minesweeper for free on Google Play.  

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