Zeptolab's brings Double the Trouble to Android with Cut the Rope Time Travel

cut.the.rope.time.travel-androidThat hungry little monster known as Om Nom is back! Cut the Rope Time Travel is the latest and greatest from the brilliant minds at Zeptolab, and Om Nom is just as hungry as ever…cut.the.rope Cut the Rope Time Travel follows Om Nom as he goes travels back in time to feed delicious candies to his ancestors. The gameplay may basically be the same, but a few things have changed this time around. As Om Nom is now a time traveler you’ll get to eat candy in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Middle Ages. There are six different ancient locations, and more are planned to be released in the future. There’s also double the trouble as there are now two monsters to feed in every level. Yup, you’ll have to feed the time traveling Om Nom (time travel makes you hungry) and his ancient candy munching relative. The Cut the Rope series of games are extremely popular as they’re easy to play, and lets’ face it… most people dig cut candy eating monsters. Cut the Rope Time Travel is a welcome addition to the series, and a game fans will definitely enjoy. You can pick up the HD version of Cut the Rope Time Travel for $0.99 or snag the ad-supported full version for free. Both versions of Cut the Rope Time Travel are available to download on Google Play.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

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