If you love the little candy eating character known as Om Nom from Cut the Rope, you’re in for a treat as ZeptoLab has just released Cut The Rope: Experiments for Android. Om Nom is back and he’s hungry so you’ll have to do your best to Cut the Rope and keep him fed. The new game offers up 126 new levels spanning 5 colorful new settings with more promised to be on the way. Zeptolabs has added a few new characters and some new gameplay elements as well like rope guns, rockets, water, and suction. The basics of the gameplay stay the same, so if you played the original you’ll have no trouble getting down to business with Cut The Rope: Experiments.


I haven’t gotten a change to check this one out yet as it just popped into the market not long ago. There’s little doubt that this game will be super popular, and if you loved the first one you’ll definitely want to grab part deux. Check back with us later in the week for a full write of the game, until then you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Cut The Rope: Experiments for $0.99 cents.  

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