Zite personalized news app available now for Android

When Zite  was released for iPad, I said to myself that here comes another news reader app. For the sake of reviewing the iPad app I downloaded it anyway. I didn’t know that I’ll get hooked into using it, until now. Now for those who don’t own an iPad or iPhone, the app’s developers just brought Zite for Android and it’s now available as a free download from Google Play. So, what is Zite? It can be simply described as a personalized magazine app. Unlike other magazine app for Android, Zite learns what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. The result? A truly personalized magazine-like news reader that gives you news, articles, blogs and video that suit your interest and preference. Zite for Android is a great app for discovering new contents. Breezing through the content is also a breeze with the app’s flawless interface. Speaking of interface, the app is also among the best there is for Android.What’s good about it though is that as you thumb your way through the contents delivered by the app, the more the contents become personalized to suit your taste. The app have been gathering great feedback from iPad users, I’m pretty sure it will get the same attention for Android users. If you haven’t tried Zite yet, better get it now and find out for yourself what the raves are all about.

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