Zlango Messaging App for Android Review

Who says SMS messages can’t be fun and colorful? For the developers of Zlango, a free icon messaging app for Android smartphones, text messages can be as fun and hilarious as the app’s text messaging via icons. According to the app developers, Zlango makes texting more fun and will never be mundane again after you’ve tried the app. If you’re ready to change the way you text and ready to to embrace – funny, wacky, cheecky, smart and cute visual icons then go ahead and download the free app from the Android Market. What is Zlango Messaging App? As mentioned, Zlango is a messaging app for your Android smartphone. It’s a full alternative or if you like it so, replacement to your phone’s standard messaging app. The app adds visual impact to your text messages – through various icons representing textual messages that you’d normally send out. Setting Up Zlango Messaging App Right after you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your phone, the first thing you should do is check the app’s settings and scroll down to the “Text message (SMS) settings.” You might want to uncheck the “Set as default messaging client,” since if you don’t do so, the app will disable notifications for your phone’s default messaging app. This might annoy you later on especially if you’re still getting use to the app. You can turn it back on, if you’re already solved to the idea of using Zlango as your default Messaging Android app. While your in the app’s settings, you might want to explore the other available options. You can turn all your SMS into ZMS, set up the number of SMS and MMS limit before the app deletes old messages, delivery reports for each messages you send, set notifications settings on your phone’s status bar to dispaly either the default notification icon and the Zlango messages icon. You can also set the app to quickly pop a reply window when a new ZMS arrives and likewise pop up a reply window when a normal SMS arrives. Finally, you can also select skins to use while reading your ZMS or SMS. The Zlango App Screen The app gives you two screens which you can switch to and from anytime you want to by simply tapping on the “huge” icon at the bottom of your Android phone’s screen. The home screen gives you some sort of a dashboard containing six icons – Inbox, SkinZ, Sent, ZlangOut, Drafts, More Fun. Inbox is simply the main messaging screen containing all your incoming ZMS and SMS. Skinz directs you to the available skins that you can use. Drafts and Sent are pretty much the same folders as in your default messaging app. More Fun are additional goodies that you can download. Finally you have the ZlangOut which lets you compose icon messages that you can share online via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.          How Does the App Work Although the app works with other non-Android phones, the ZMS you send to those phones however are not outrightly readable as a text message. What the app does instead is to send a link to person you are sending the message to. This link will direct them to the Zlango server where they can view your message. This is not the same when sending ZMS to another Android phone user who has the app installed. Obviously, the icon messages is readable immediately. When receiving SMS, if you have set the app to be your default messaging app, you’ll still get the normal text message. The only difference is that it will look different since you’re already using the app’s skin. So, somehow, the app manages to transform your messaging experience all the way. Other Features of Zlango Messaging App Aside from replacing or alternative with your Android phone’s messaging app, Zlango also has several other nice features that will either make you love or hate the app. It has auto-suggestion, the ability to toggle between icon themes during or after creating a message, toggle on/off the Zlango icons to use the app’s texting experience instead, convert the usual SMS into Zlango (ZMS), and the pop-up reply we mentioned above. Our Verdict Obviously, Zlango is not for everyone. Like I said, it would cater more to the younger generation of Android phone users. Honestly, I got pretty annoyed at first when I couldn’t figure out how to not make the app as my default messaging app. But when I finally got to set it up, I’ve learn to like the app. The app works best if you can get your friends and other people in your phone’s contact list to use the app as well. Then, that’s when the app gets interesting and more fun to use. But if you are going to use it as a replacement for your phone’s messaging app, well you can do so but you might find it too cute for your other messages. Zlango Messaging App is available now as a free download from the Android Market.

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