An already awesome day for gamers just got a little better with the long awaited release of Dead on Arrival from N3V Games. Anytime a new Zombie game drops I have to check it out, so I was thrilled to see Dead on Arrival pop up in the market this afternoon. We had heard that Dead on Arrival was coming as an Xperia Play exclusive on Nov 17th, but lucky for us it seems to have arrived a few days early… For those of you who haven’t heard of Dead on Arrival, the fast paced game pits you against wave after wave of the undead. You’re locked in a hospital and your only chance to survive is to take down every Zombie in your path. You’ll start out in one room, and can use your cash to unlock additional rooms which can be used to make an escape. You can also board up rooms to try and delay the Zombies inevitable advance as you search for more powerful weapons to take down the undead. Additional weapons and powerups can be bought with “Z Bucks” and there seems to be around 19 different items to unlock in the Z-store. I was able to give Dead on Arrival a quick run through, and I can say that it looks awesome and the gameplay is top-notch. As a Zombie fan, it’s my duty to take a closer look at any promising Zombie games, so plan on seeing a full review by the end of the week. If you have an Xperia Play or know a few tricks head on over to the market and pick up Dead on Arrival.

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