When you’re a hacker, you often get nostalgic about the old days. Going back to the beginning of the Internet you’ve got BBS and Usenet groups. Then there are the old game systems like Atari and Amiga. Moving forward you have the introduction of many new operating systems such as Windows 3.1 and then of course the ground breaking Windows 95. These were exciting times, so as any good hacker will do, he will  test the boundaries of his skills by running an obsolete system on today’s latest technology. Windows 3.1 is already up and running on the Motorola Droid, but now Android users can get the famous Win95 which created the familiar look of  Microsoft’s later operating systems. The modder mamaich over at XDA-Developers (an awesome place to mod almost any phone BTW) has created two emulators for getting Win95 operational. The first is fairly stable but will usually run slowly, while the other will provide one with better benchmarks at the cost of stability. I’ve been told mamaich is passing the project to the community at XDA but those fellas at the site are really intelligent folk so I doubt this exchange will affect the support for the system. So here is the real question: why install a a now useless and out of date OS onto a top-of-the-line smart phone? Well mostly  just to prove it can be done, but also because it’s fun kicking it ol’ skool. It’s up to you what you do with your phone so happy modding.

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