ZTE P945 a 5.7 inch smartphone inbound for China

Phablets are all in rage this season, everywhere we look there is a 5 inch plus phone emerging. Every company is hopping on the bandwagon and we can only hope they capture the attention they want. ZTE has yet another phone on its way; the ZTE P945 is looking to be another notch in the Chinese company’s belt. First there was the 5 inched Nubia Z5, then we saw the Grand S make an appearance and now it’s yet another phone on the bigger side, ZTE P945 is an even larger device than the previous two. Approaching the insane size of 5.7 inches the ZTE P945 is aiming to challenge the physically enlarged Huawei Ascend Mate (6.3 inch phone). Although it’s getting increasingly hard to term these gigantic devices simply phones, there seem to be a rapid interest in them following the successful release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. While the ZTE P945 has a bigger screen than the Nubia Z5 and Grand S, the internal specs are a bit lower than both. The ZTE P945 has a 5.7 inch screen with a simple 720p display resolution, this means that ZTE is catering to the customers who have little or no concern about the resolution but still want a gigantic smartphone protruding from their pockets. The smartphone will be supporting a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, an 8 MP rear facing camera and will come equipped with “Ice cream sandwich or above”. The huge screen is naturally a battery drainer that is why ZTE P945 will be fitted with a 3000 mAH battery. Including a bigger battery is a great move ZTE is pulling off as users are more inclined to buy a long lasting device than a socket demander. The smartphone is due to launch in China somewhere around first and second quarter of 2013, no word on its availability on other regions though. It will not be surprising if the company decides to release the phablet in other Asian markets. The only thing going on for ZTE P945 will be its lucrative price, if ZTE does price it a bit lower, we will be looking at a sharp contender.

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