Zynga releases Zombie Swipeout for Android

The folks at Zynga dropped a new Android game last week by the name of Zombie Swipeout, and in case the name didn’t give it away it’s all about those brain eating Zombies. Can you help Joey rid the earth of the Zombie scourge or is Zombie Swipeout even worth your time? Zombie Swipeout is a Zombie slashing game in the vein of Fruit Ninja where you’ll slice & dice Zombies as they appear on the screen. You’ll start out with a simple, but sharp machete and as the game progresses you’ll get to unlock new weapons like the Prince of Cleaves. Zombie Swipeout also has several cool power-ups like grenades and liquid nitrogen among others. It basically seems to be quick play slashing game where you’ll try to beat your high score although there is a “rescue” feature that allows you to save Joey so he can fight a bit longer. I gave Zombie Swipeout a quick play this morning, and while it seems like a nice time killer it’s certainly nothing special. It’s not a bad game by any means, but seems to be plagued by issues as users across the board are experiencing various issues including lag which tends to kill a game of this nature. I got hit with the lag myself right away and my swipes were at least a second or two behind… not good. I’m sure Zynga will get things straightened out, but until then I’d have to say pass on this one and give it a look later after the lag issue has been addressed.

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