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Zynga teams up with Phosphor to release Horn on Android

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Phosphor have released a trailer for their upcoming adventure game Horn. The game has been compared to Infinity Blade which is an iOS exclusive game but, with a feel of Fable and Zelda about it. The game has been developed by Phosphor Games Studio, who are the makers of The Dark Meadow but, you will see the familiar Zynga logo when loading the game up as Zynga are the ones behind publishing it as part of their Partners for Mobile scheme which sees Zynga supporting developers and using their publishing might to release new games. The game is loosely based on the Old English tales of King Horn and promises to offer mobile gamers over 10 hours of exciting gameplay. In the game you play a character by the name of (wait for it…) ‘Horn’, who is a blacksmith’s young apprentice. One day Horn wakes up to find that the people and animals from the village he lives in have been transformed into stone monsters overnight. The aim of this game is to free the village’s people and animals from the stone curse that has befallen them. You are not alone in your quest however as you have a ‘sidekick’ in the game which bizarrely, comes in the form of a head from one of the stone monsters who is (not altogether unsurprisingly after being turned from a living breathing villager into a stone monster!) rather uncooperative and ill-tempered. Your weapons in the game include a crossbow and sword to defeat the enemies while you explore the vast lands and solve puzzles to turn your village back to how it should be and undo the curse that turned your fellow people to stone in the first place. Horn is due to be released later this month for mobile devices and currently the price is unknown. You can watch the trailer below.